The Conditionaire Aircon Energy Saver (AES) is a UK Manufactured revolutionary control unit which produces savings of up to 30% on Air Conditioning Units.

Why is the AES needed?

Air-Conditioning accounts for between one quarter and one half of the total electrical consumption in most buildings.

Due to variable weather and changing site conditions it is virtually impossible for air conditioning systems to operate at optimum efficiency. In addition, standard design criteria is based on coping with extreme conditions and this normally results in oversized plant on all other occasions.

Typical air-conditioning systems operate continuously until the room thermostat is satisfied. During this time it will run the compressor and produce greater cooling capacity than the air can absorb.

How does the AES Work?

The Conditionaire Aircon Energy Saver is simple and quick to install. It is an electronic, self learning, memory based, control. It constantly analyses the temperature transfer profiles of the air and evaporator coil. Once the conditioned air has reached the point of energy transfer saturation (i.e. it cannot get any colder)and achieves a constant temperature, further refrigeration of the coil is ineffective. The Aircon Energy Saver then controls the compressor to achieve a balance between maximum cooling efficiency and minimal energy consumption. This reduces waste and maximizes Energy Savings.