The new and innovative W-Valve cutting-edge technology will significantly reduce the expanded air bubbles that arrive indiscriminately at your meter. Therefore, allowing the meter to be reduced without altering the flow by means of a structured and progressive compression, proportional to the pressure supplied by the utility provider.

Air is a natural part of the water that occurs on pressurized pipes. As water flows thru the pipe it has friction losses thru each pipe union, fittings, deviations and height changes in their long trajectory to their destination. The result of this friction are tiny air bubbles that expand and occupy volume, which is confused with the precious liquid that you end up paying. Therefore you end up paying up to 40% more for your water bill.

What type of businesses will benefit of the W-Valve?
  • Supermarkets

  • Shopping centers

  • Car washes

  • Industrial buildings

  • Restaurants / franchises

  • Water parks

  • Schools

  • Resorts and hotels

  • Condominiums

  • Malls

  • Hospitals

  • Airports